The ARK™ Methotrexate Assay is intended for the quantitative determination of methotrexate in human serum or plasma on automated clinical chemistry analyzers. The measurements obtained are used in monitoring levels of methotrexate to help ensure appropriate therapy.

Key Features:

  • Homogeneous enzyme Immunoassay
  • Applications available for automated clinical chemistry analyzers
  • Convenient, liquid-stable, ready-to-use
  • Excellent calibration range
  • Very low cross reactivity to 7-Hydroxymethotrexate (=0.07%)
  • Nonhazardous preservatives contain no sodium azide

For Research Use Only

Available for sale in Canada only

ARK Methotrexate – Brochure

Product Number Product Name Quantity/Kit
5026-0001-00 ARK™ Methotrexate Assay R1 16mL, R2 8mL
5026-0001-02 ARK™ Methotrexate (Roche c-pack) R1 16mL, R2 8mL
5026-0002-00 ARK™ Methotrexate Calibrator 6 x 2mL
5026-0003-00 ARK™ Methotrexate Control 6 x 2mL; LOW, MID, HIGH, 5, 50, 500 μmol/L
5026-0003-01 ARK™ Methotrexate Control 3 x 2mL; LOW, MID, HIGH
5026-0003-02 ARK™ Methotrexate Control 3 x 2mL; 5, 50, 500 μmol/L
5026-0004-00 ARK™ Methotrexate Dilution Buffer 25mL


Clinitox Diagnostix

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