Ethylene Glycol

The ZBx LQ™ Ethylene Glycol Assay is an enzymatic assay intended for the quantitative determination of ethylene glycol in human serum on automated clinical chemistry analyzers. Ethylene glycol poisoning occurs when ingested in the form of antifreeze or other automotive products. This assay meets the needs of many hospital laboratories faced with the challenge of providing a fast and accurate diagnosis when gas chromatography (GC) analysis is not readily available.

Key Features:

  • Applications available for: Roche Integra 800, Hitachi 917, Cobas C6000, Roche Modular, Olympus, Abbott Architect, Cobas  C501, Beckman.
  • Excellent calibration range
  • Convenient, liquid stable, ready to use

For Research Use Only

Available for sale in Canada only

Product Number Product Name Quantity/Kit
8036-40 Clinitox Ethylene Glycol Kit     40 Tests R1 1 x 11 mL, R2 1 x 3 mL
8036 -80 Clinitox Ethylene Glycol Kit     80 Tests R1 2 x 11 mL, R2 1 x 5 mL
8043 Ethylene Glycol Calibrator 25 mmol/L
8042 Ethylene Glycol Control 9 and 40 mmol/ L
Clinitox Diagnostix

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